Having worked for over 20 years in the environmental and renewables industry, I have become increasingly frustrated that legislation is not achieving our goals for a cleaner, safer planet. So I have decided to start a blog

It is very apparent to me that every man, woman and child needs to do their bit to contribute to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. If we all stop and think more about our individual actions the cumulative effect of all of these ‘Small Steps’ could be immense

To take inspiration from, and to re-phrase (with apologies to Neil Armstrong):

‘Many Small Steps = one Giant Leap for Mankind’

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I started this Blog as a way of sharing ideas in order to contribute in a small way to the Climate Change challenge that every individual now faces

In this section you will find a bit about my motivation to start the Blog and background information on understanding the climate challenge

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The ‘Small Steps’ referred to elsewhere in my Blog are essentially those actions that we can all take on a daily basis – these generally start at home (the ‘Little Picture’)

This section of the Blog will offer you helpful tips and advice for reducing your environmental impact in areas such as energy use, recycling and transport

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The ‘Small Steps’ that I have referred to have a cumulative effect and in time will result in ‘Giant Leaps’ for mankind

This section of the Blog aims to raise awareness of the global problems our planet is facing and the impact that our behaviour is having on the environment. I will offer insight into some of the solutions and initiatives that are working, and some that are not. This I have referred to as the ‘Big Picture’

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We all love to travel and it would be unrealistic to suggest that we stop completely! However there are small steps we can all take, whether it be individual, family or business, that are more considerate to our environment

In this section I will offer some inspiration that helps us to continue to enjoy the incredible world that we inhabit whilst having less of an impact on its fragile ecosystems

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